The 4 Best Tips for Choosing a Professional House Painter

If you want to update the look of your home, hiring an experienced painter is a great idea. Painters can add value to your house and make it look beautiful. But how do you decide which painter to hire? You can use these six important tips to find a professional painters who exceeds your expectations.

Get Recommendations from Others:

You can start by asking your friends, family and colleagues to recommend painters. Finding a reliable, skilled painter can be facilitated by personal referrals. People that you know and trust are more likely to be honest about the experience they had with the painter. A positive experience by someone close to you is a sign that you’ll have one too.

Validate Credentials, Licensing and Registration:

After you make a selection of potential painters to hire, verifying their licenses and credentials is essential. To operate legally, professional painters must have all the required licenses and qualifications. Check with your local government for licensing requirements. It is important to hire a certified painter because it ensures that they will meet certain requirements and also provides you with recourse should something go wrong.

Look at Portfolios for Past Work

Painting is a profession that should make painters proud. To get a better idea of what each artist has done in the past, ask them to send you a sample portfolio. You should look for projects which are comparable to the scope and design of your project. Be sure to pay attention to the details, such as neat lines, uniform finishes, and preparation work. The painter’s portfolio will give you an indication of their style and ability.

Get multiple Quotes

Get quotes from at least three different professionals before you choose one. Ask for quotes from at minimum three professionals. This quote should contain the cost breakdown, estimate timelines, material to be used and scope of works. You can compare quotes and better understand the scope of work by getting multiple estimates. Watch out for bids with a low price, which may reflect a lack in experience or subpar materials.

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