Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Where to mount them

The silent killer, carbon monoxide (CO), is one of the most dangerous gases in your home. Different opinions exist regarding where to place a carbon dioxide detector. You may think it is sensible to plug your carbon monoxide detector in at the nearest electrical outlet – namely, the wall socket located on the ground floor – but this is not the correct solution. The most common mistake that home owners commit is to place a carbon dioxide detector at an inefficient, or even ineffective location. These are a few things you can do to ensure that your family is safe against the hazards of CO poisoning. You can get the best CO2 meter in this sites.

As CO has slightly different chemical properties than air, in a stable room without much cross-breeze it tends to gather from the top. This is why the first factor to take into consideration before mounting a detector for carbon monoxide is its relative height in comparison to ground-level. Your best option is to mount the detector at a height similar to a smoke sensor.

Install your CO-detector away from humid areas such as the bathroom, the laundry room, or other rooms in the home. It is important to note that humidity can affect the functioning of CO alarms. Be sure to place a detector 10-12 feet away from cooking appliances and gas appliances. Mounting a carbon dioxide detector near this area can result in a false alarm. It will also wear down your device and your nerves. Also, garages may cause false alarms due to the movement of cars and other appliances. When temperatures are cold, the garages may be too cold to function properly.

Even if your house is small, installing multiple devices will help ensure you have a working alarm in case one doesn’t work. In general, it is best to have one CO detector for each floor, including your basement. Or, at the very least, two units in a house with just one story. You should always install carbon monoxide detection devices near your bedrooms or any other area where you are likely to sleep. This includes family rooms and lounges. Here, the idea is that you will be awakened when it sounds.

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